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Woodbury / Oakdale, MN DWI Defense Lawyer

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If you have been arrested for a DWI it's likely that you have several questions. You might be wondering why you were given two seperate tickets, or whether or not the breath test was accurate. You might have questions around whether or not the police officer had the right to pull you over. As an attorney with 27 years fighting for the rights of the accused, I can help you answer those questions, and develop a defense to ensure the best possible outcome to your criminal defense or DWI case.

Why you should NOT plead guilty

Regardless of the circumstances around your specific arrest, pleading guilty without a qualified attorney representing you can result in higher penalties, fines and suspensions. Even if you believe you have no defense, an experienced DWI lawyer can help you work with the prosecution to plea bargain your case. If you are willing to plead guilty, and do not have representation, the prosecution has little motivation to offer you anything in exchange for pleading guilty. However, having an experienced and effective Twin Cities DWI lawyer review your case can reveal facts that may cause problems for the prosecution. This can either give the county reason to offer you a plea, or even better yet, reason to dismiss your DWI charges. However, when you walk into court willing to plead guilty to your DWI, you give up your opportunity to have your case reviewed and possibly plea bargained.

Oakdale, Woodbury & St. Paul DUI Defense

Like so many areas throughout the Twin Cities, the east side suburbs of Washington and Ramsey county provide a great variety of entertainment and dining options. Whether you were out at a company party, seeing a few old friends, or enjoying yourself at one of the many fine restaurants or bars in the Twin Cities area, a DWI can seemingly come out of no where. One second you're saying goodbye to your friends and the next you have flashing lights in your rear view mirror and are being asked a barrage of questions. Whether or not you feel intoxicated or even the slightest effect of drinking, your pulse starts to pound and it's easy to get nervous. These nerves can often effect your ability to answer questions or appear in control, leading the officer to become more and more suspicious.

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