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felony DWI charges in Washington County, MN

Felony DUI, Criminal Vehicular Operation / Homicide Attorney

Minnesota Felony DWI/DUI Attorney

This is the most serious driving under the influence charge. It is called DWUI in the First Degree and occurs when a person has either been previously convicted of felony DWI or has three or more qualified prior impaired driving convictions. The big difference in this offense is that the potential punishment includes possible time in prison.

In addition to serious potential sanction of prison time, a person also may be subject to license revocation/cancellation, plate impoundment, and vehicle forfeiture.

This is not the time to "go it alone" or hire an inexperienced attorney. You have too much to lose.

Minnesota Criminal Vehicular Operation/Homicide Attorney

Criminal vehicular operation/homicide (CVO, CVH) are the most serious alcohol related driving offenses, where an accident occurs and someone is injured or killed.

The felony sanctions are much greater than those of felony DWI/DUI. Depending on the charges, the loss of driving privileges is in term of years rather than days. Likewise, a prison sentence may be presumed, meaning that you will face prison rather than probation, depending on the charge and your criminal and driving record.

These are serious life changing offenses which may permanently affect your lifestyle and family.
You need to be properly defended in these circumstances. Put my experience to work for you. In these cases I use many different resources to aid in defending you. For example, private investigators may be used or accident reconstruction experts may be consulted.

Prompt attention to these charges is important to preserve evidence and prepare an effective defense.

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