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Woodbury Washington County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Washington County DUI / DWI and Criminal Defense Attorney

Thomas W. Jakway, P.A.

Criminal charges should never be taken lightly. Why gamble with your future with an attorney who is anything less than 100 percent committed to the practice of criminal defense?

At the law offices of Thomas W. Jakway, I have been dedicated to the practice of criminal defense for my entire 18-year career. During this time, I have handled thousands of cases and numerous jury trials while successfully protecting the rights of clients in cases ranging from speeding tickets to criminal vehicular homicide.

Twin Cities Metro Area Criminal Defense Lawyer

I stand up for my clients in courtrooms throughout the Twin Cities Metro Area and across Minnesota. I aggressively defend them against charges such as:

  • Criminal vehicular homicide
  • Criminal sexual conduct
  • Burglary
  • Drug possession, sales, trafficking
  • Felony theft
  • Misdemeanor offenses
  • Traffic violations
  • Domestic violence

Many of my clients are not first-time offenders. In fact, most of them come to see me because they chose a cheaper, less experienced attorney to defend them in a previous case and did not want to make the same mistake twice.

You don't have to make that mistake even once.

As my client, you can feel confident knowing that I will personally represent you in every hearing and that your case will never be left in the hands of a less experienced attorney. Throughout the process, I will keep you fully informed of developments in your case and aware of the legal options we have available at every turn.

Protect your rights and begin an aggressive defense against your criminal charges right now!

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