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Misdemeanor Assault Charges | Twin Cities Defense Lawyer

Woodbury Domestic Assault Attorney 

Most people who are arrested or investigated regarding a possible assault want nothing more than to tell their side of the story. But telling that story without having their attorney present is the worst mistake they can make because if the police and prosecutors are looking for something…they tend to find it even where it doesn't exist.

At the law offices of Thomas W. Jakway, P.A., I represent individuals in courtrooms throughout the Twin Cities Metro Area and across Minnesota, defending their rights against both felony and misdemeanor assault charges. But for me to provide you with an effective criminal defense against these charges, you have to let me do my work first.

When we are prepared, we'll tell your story.

Minnesota Criminal Assault Lawyer

I provide experienced and aggressive criminal defense in all felony assault and misdemeanor assault cases, including:

  • 1st degree assault
  • 2nd degree assault
  • 3rd degree assault
  • 4th degree assault
  • 5th degree assault
  • Sexual assault (criminal sexual conduct)
  • Domestic assault (domestic violence)

Because the court will impose conditions on you at your arraignment, having an attorney present who will stand up for you and protect your rights is important. As your lawyer, I will personally represent you at every stage of the process and actively pursue the best possible outcome in your case.

Your case is too important not to.

Protect your rights and begin an aggressive defense against your criminal charges right now!

Contact me, Thomas W. Jakway, today for a free consultation about your specific concerns with an experienced Woodbury domestic assault attorney.